Knock on Wood Summer Edition 2019

Prizes in the wood makes playing good!


Join our Summer Season 2019 event to which every visitor is entitled to take part during 01st of June - 19th of October 2019.


How does it work?


During these dates: 

 06.06. – 20.06. – 11.07. – 25.07. – 08.08. – 22.08.  29.08. – 12.09. – 26.09. – 10.10. – 19.10. 


3 draws at 3 different times such as 23.00, 00.00 and 01.00 hrs are taking place, where 3 guests will choose one of the 5 wooden boxes to win one of our great prizes.Prizes such as Jetons, Hotel Roulette, Electronical Items, Day Spa, Restaurant Voucher, Poker Sets etc. are awaiting for its new owner. Additionally every passed out ticket gets the chance to win special prizes at the main draw on 19.10.2019!


Main Draw…

is going to be celebrated on 19th of October 2019 and includes Live-Music, Final Draw, End-Season Party. Our Main Prizes are

1.Prize: Jetons to the value of CHF 1919.00

2.Prize: Hotel Roulette for 2 persons to the value of CHF 800.00

3.Prize: Restaurant Voucher to the value of CHF 250.00

Conditions of participation

- Period of the draw is from 01st of June 2019 to the 19th of October 2019.

- The participation tickets will be distributed at the reception.

- Participation is free of charge.

- All tickets given out during the week are valid

- During the weekly draw on Thursday, the winner must be present.

- During the draw of 19th of October, the winner does not be present but should send a representative.