Playing is one of the most beautiful occupations of man. However playing can become a problem in some cases. For example, if you spend more time playing than you actually want. Or if you spend more on it than your budget would allow.

Gaming suspensions

If your visits to the casino do not give you the same enjoyment, or if you often get into mental crises, financial problems, family problems or difficulties at work, you should urgently change your gaming behaviour or give up playing for money altogether . The following measures are offered by the casino as services:

1. Voluntary game suspension

A voluntary, self-imposed suspension of play provides a highly effective support for gaming problems. It prevents access to all Swiss casinos.

2. Enforced game suspension

The Swiss law on casinos stipulates that guests who encounter problems in connection with gambling can also be held against their will. The casino staff is trained to recognize gambling addiction as best as possible and to impose a game suspension depending on the situation.

3. Action

If you would like to apply for a suspension we ask you to contact directly a member of staff at the Casino St.Moritz. You can also call a casino of your choice and ask for the person responsible for the social concept. Either way, you will be supported quickly, easily and discreetly.

Casino St. Moritz takes your gaming problems seriously. In order to be able to provide you with the best possible support, we work closely with independent experts from the Social Advisory council of Swiss casinos.

4. Temporary Closing

Due the outstanding closing of the Casino St.Moritz we inform our clients kindly about following updates:

4.1. The Voluntary game suspension is always possible. Please get back to us by phone or by email in order to conclude the suspension.

4.2. Your specialist office (Regional Sozialdienst Oberengadin/Bergell) is as well always available for your questions and concern. Please see below their contact details.

4.3. Lifting of Suspension: We inform you kindly that due to the enforced closing of the casino St.Moritz we are at this very moment not able to lift any suspension. We will be back at your support one the Casino St.Moritz is open again.

Our socialconcept responsible will be happy to assist you for a first conversation – in person at the casino or by phone: +41 (0) 775 12 43 23 or by e-mail

In addition, the following institutes also support you:



Keep in mind to follow the prevention of the government, in order to save yourself and your environment against the Corona Virus.

We wish all of you a good time. Stay healthy and well.

Casino St.Moritz Management