ENJOY 2020

…and the “ENJOY 2020” continues within the summer season!

Once a month the favorite ENJOY 2020 Event takes place, where 20 great prizes are awaiting for its new owners. In August 2020 this event takes place on Friday, the 21st! So make sure you reserve that day for your great participation!

How does it work?
Everyone receives a numbered ticket directly at the casino reception, which entitles you to participate at the 4 draws, which will take place at 21.20, 22.20, 23.20, 24.20 hrs.

At these hours 5 exciting prizes will be handed out, which increase in value from hour to hour. That means: the later the night – the higher your profit.

The monthly draw includes all tickets given out between and during the draw.

Attention: On October 24th 2020 within the main draw at the end of the season, all the issued tickets that were handed out during the season, have the chance to win three great main prizes!

The prizes will be as follows:

1.Prize: Jetons in the value of CHF 2020.00
2.Prize: Hotel Roulette for 2 persons in the value of CHF 720.00
3.Prize: Dinner for two Voucher in the value of CHF 220.00

So truly ENJOY 2020 by making the best out of it!

The whole Casino St.Moritz Team is looking forward to welcoming you at this great event and activities!